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Shadle Park Highlanders
Football Program


Highlander Core Values:

  1. Do the Right Thing – Be a Person of Integrity

To truly be great, each member of the team must be someone we can trust and we can count on.  Doing the right thing is not just for the football field, but is also just as important at home, in the classroom, and in the community.


   2. Maximize your Academic Potential

Showing up to class is not enough – you must be an active participant. To be a player the team can count on, you need to be someone that makes learning a priority and works hard to do well in the classroom.


   3. Be a Great Teammate – TEAM FIRST

Be Positive! Hold each other accountable to be the best we can be on and off the field. Respect one another – we will go through great times and struggles together, and when we are all united, we will have the greatest success.

   4.  Be the Best at your Job

Prepare mentally and physically to excel. Push yourself to improve, to learn, to be the best at every rep, every work out, every game. Demonstrate your desire to be the best in your actions.


   5. Be the Most Excited to Compete

This means showing up on time and giving your maximum effort no matter the challenge. This means preparing yourself mentally to not just get through practice, but to excel in practice. Again, this is best demonstrated by your actions.


   6. Follow Laws, Athletic Codes, and Team Rules

We need players that are dedicated to the team. If you steal, do drugs, cheat, or numerous other wrongs, you hurt yourself, your family, and your team. Be accountable. Be Trustworthy. Be a Person of Integrity.


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